FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD... and paint glorious paint...


This is Aimee.

Adorable, right?

she is my 12 year old blogger friend and a fellow foodie

who has, appropriately so, a food blog

I don't have the time to blog about food,

but I do have years of collected recipes

and then, well, there's Pinterest

my food bulletin board is huge!

oh, how will I ever get the chance to try these recipes, let alone share them?

I know,

I'll have Ms. Jones try some out for me.

She has been baking since she was 3....

she is probably better at it than me...

and she's getting darn good at photography, too...

check out one of her delicious blog posts here

(we may make this a regular feature - especially if I get to taste test!)



Hi, Claudine.

I've been sampling grey paints (BM) for the better part of a year with no luck ... working on a driftwood/beachy feel in my master. Every gray I have tried either goes beige or is too dark. The room has north and west facing windows (that are typically kept closed with matchstick blinds). Any suggestions? Right now I'm considering Gray Mirage, possibly cut 50%..... KATHY

Gray Mirage - Benjamin Moore (full strength)


If everything is looking too dark or turning beige, it is probably the lighting in your home.  First make sure you have adequate lighting that you can control - most of us don't - both overhead and task lighting.  

Next, look for a gray with a slight green to blue undertone - not enough to actually look green or blue, but enough to stop it from turning beige.  Gray Mirage may work for you because it has a slight green undertone.  Here are a few more to try that are both lighter in hue and lacking a beige undertone - but that still have that beachy feel:

Gray Owl, Benjamin Moore

Horizon - Benjamin Moore

Harbor Gray - Benjamin Moore

Classic Gray - Benjamin Moore

Halo - Benjamin Moore

Moonshine - Benjamin Moore

Pale Smoke - Benjamin Moore

Silver Crest - Benjamin Moore

These are all lighter and for the most part have less beige undertone in them.   Try some on the walls.

Good luck!



Can you recommend a white to match bottom cabinets in kendall charcoal as well as a  warmer neutral for the walls?  BM has so many paints and I want to go with a safe combination.  

Michele H


My go to white with Benjamin Moore is White Dove.  It never turns yellow and it isn't a stark, cold white.  It looks especially nice with grays, so Kendall Charcoal should be great with it.

Try Revere Pewter on the walls.  It is a light gray with a beige undertone - it will have that warm undertone, but still be neutral and in the gray family.   

Another to try is Ashwood.  Both should go with nearly everything you throw at it!  Good luck!



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