The Art of Recycling

Recyclart is nice little site that showcases the wonderful ways in which people choose to repurpose common household items. Some people just don’t like to throw away items, but with creativity like this, who’s complaining…
Who out there doesn’t have corks waiting to be recycled? Save about 175 and you too can make a new bath mat.
It’s amazing what can be created with old computer bits, mobile phones and other unwanted electronic items. Here are just two intricate examples by Enrique Conde.
 A broken mouse makes a pretty convincing gasoline tank.

 Alfreso dining anyone? Sturdy, weatherproof and a bit of fun.

 What a great idea! At last a use for those slides stored in cupboards and boxes for how many decades now. Guaranteed to liven up any window during daylight hours whilst giving a stained glass effect as light streams through not to mention countless conversation starters.

 These beautiful, hand made vinyl clocks are created by Pavel Sidorenko (an estonian designer).


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