Quick Computer Organization Tip

Does your desktop look like this?

I just discovered a new way to organize—wallpaper. No, not the kind you apply to your walls, but the kind that sits on your desktop.

Filing everything away into folders is one way to clear your desktop and keep your computer organized, but that won't always work for everyone. If you like to keep multiple icons on your desktop that you need to access a lot (and don't feel like clicking through 5 subdirectories to reach every time), this may help.

As many of you know by now, I run a business, so that means customer folders constantly being created and shifted around on my desktop. I normally just grouped them into different areas on my screen as they went through the process from purchase to print, so I could always "know" their status, but I wasn't completely satisfied with this method. Then—lightbulb moment—I decided to make my wallpaper useful and split the screen up into color coded areas, each representing a stage in the process.

Step 1 was to find the file size I needed to make, which will be your screen's resolution. In my case, its 1920x1080 pixels.

Then I took to illustrator to create the file. This was a process in trial and error... shifting things around and testing them out on the screen until everything was in a good spot.

That's all it took, and it works like a charm!

Now that the steps are clearly defined, I should feel more confident in my work process and know that everything is in its' place. This idea can be translated in so many different ways to fit everyone's individual needs. The possibilities are endless... really. Hopefully this can inspire someone else out there who is struggling with their desktop organization!

Pssst... I redesigned my "Projects" page to be more user-friendly and easily navigatable. Go check it out and tell me what you think!

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