Interior Renderings by Design Code

Design Code, a relatively young architecture and interior design firm based in Amman, Jordan brings you these concept renderings for exquisite entrance hallways, living areas, bedrooms, and dining areas. They have described their inspiration and style as a conversation between the past and the future. They aim to make the best out of the resources available to them and to enliven architecture in Jordan as well as other parts of the world.

These renderings evoke an unusual blend of interior design style — you can see the influence of culture in the screen prints of turbaned men on horseback, in the rich, golden tapestries of some walls, and the intricately-patterned richly colored Persian rugs. You can also see the influence of basic geometric forms in Design Code’s work – large circles and rectangles decorate the ceilings and walls, disco ball chandeliers seem to be suspended by what seem to be cylindrical light-beams from the ceiling, and bold parallel lines.

 There are more shapes in this modern living room – we see circles, rectangles, squares – all in a nuetral palette of brown and beige, with pops of refreshing red or cool blue.

 This entrance hallway evokes Jordan culture with stone stairwells, persian rugs, ornate columns and doorways, and an array of exotic plants. The glass domed ceiling beautifully allows pools of light to brighten the space and make it appear as if one may be outdoors
There are touches of old and new in this bedroom.

This hall is all white marble, white ornate furniture and touches of pink and old paintings.

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