Wildly Artistic Bathrooms

It’s a jungle out there!

The deviants are at it again, but this time they attacked the creative center of their brains in the name of taking a good old fashion bath in our modern new world.
This farmhouse inspired rustic bathroom sets the scene for a romance rose bath

These wildly artistic bathrooms have everything to do with fantasy and little to do with… well, reality. Although some of these sexy bathrooms are on the not so well-lit side, the overall impressions outweigh that glitch with flying colors.
Tons of wood, lacquer and natural light make this crisp bathroom sparkle

This sleek and entirely tiled bathroom makes you feel like you’re in the matrix.
This bathroom is modern medieval with a giant tub and provocative window for display

A balcony view of the ocean in an ultra modern master bathroom suite is suited for a King

This bathroom with its old world air and modern amenities calls for a luxurious bathtub party.
Rest assured, you would never fall asleep in this bathroom.

This amazing country mod bathroom just makes you want to start singing opera tunes! The mirror wall opens up the room for a master suite illusion.

This brilliant bathroom is huge but warm and inviting.

Natural lighting does wonders for this simple white bath

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