The Macakizi Beach Club in Turkey

Touring Turkey and the surrounding areas can be an exhilarating experience. With spices and incense stick aromas wafting through shops and streets, one is bound to stop over and take a peek. Local visits here can be a little overwhelming for first time tourists but a thorough read on the practices and customs can help you adjust to your surroundings.

The Macakizi Beach Club in Turkey is the playground of the rich and the famous. The A-listers park here to cool off, enjoy the sun, party and experience the tranquility. With delicious Mediterranean food and bar full of the choicest drinks, one can create memories that would last a lifetime.

Bringing you close to nature, the private decking beaches that are a part of the club often become the hot-spots for crazy activity. If you find that too hard to believe, take a look below.

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