Portuguese House Reveals Multiple Meanings

This vacation home came about as a result of a competition between three offices. Its official designer was
. This subtle two-story centers around the kitchen, in concurrence with the trend all over the West.
Its program is divided into two, intersecting spaces: half is reserved for service and private areas; the other is for more social areas.

The bottom form seems to reflect the natural context. Its prefab construction is lain within the earth, juxtaposed with the first story which was designed to appear to levitate above the ground.

 Use of the intrim pool blends dimensionalism and contrasts light.

 This pool, reminiscent of the work of architect Louis Barragan, creates an interior method of enjoying the outdoors.

 It takes skill to enable architecture to encapsulate exterior art.

 The kitchen area shatters the line between the interior and exterior.

 E-glazed windows would help conserve heat in this room during winter and thwart heat gain during summer.

There’s space for entertaining outdoors.

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