Modern Wallpaper for Your Room Walls

Having multiple colors and patterns of wallpaper in an open space creates opulence and a rich color scheme

Wallpaper can be a hassle. It’s tricky and sticky and requires serious attention to detail when installing which is why most folks who even bother, leave it to the pros to make all the magic happen.
This living room is ultramodern and you probably never thought the fuchsia and grey textured wallpaper would jive together in one space. Notice how the wallpaper extends from the wall across the ceiling for a futuristic feeling.

But once you overlook the stigma of old fogie wallpaper, it does help to know what you’re purchasing, the materials used to make it and to see it in context and not just as a small sample strip on a website.
Here they created interest by applying two different patterns while keeping the colors the same

This is where wallpaper maker Omexco pulls it off. Their site showcases pictures of some beautiful contemporary style rooms with modern eclectic style wallpapers. These realizations (as opposed to just sample strips) really help the customer in making a choice.

This avocado green wallpaper design gives the illusion of tall grass which visually extends the height of the ceiling

(In fact we would advise other furniture makers/designers to take a leaf out of Omexco’s book and put emphasize on product realizations than the product themselves on their websites.) The fact that they are manufactured in an eco-friendly way would make any trendy snob overlook the nuances of wallpaper and open up to the amazing possibility of having interiors like this. These modern style wallpapers are well capable of making your walls the focus of any room.

These deep reds are intensely exotic while allowing the chandelier to do all the shining.

This two-toned gray wallpaper adds graphic interest to an otherwise hollow space.

There is something organic and tribal about this wallpaper in such a modern setting

The same pattern in yellow seems to pale in comparison…

Yellow green tones and patterns compliment a modern white space gracefully.

Great design for an office, the wallpaper pattern and colors are unobtrusive.

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