Desk for Master Bedroom and a Vintage Mirror

Hello!  My hubby came home the other day with a beautiful vintage mirror and an old black desk with wonderful old wooden castors.  Here's a look at them....aren't they lovely?  So much character....
Turns out it was perfect timing.  Originally, I had planned to put our computer and all the equipment that goes with it in our living room on the new desk I built, however, we ran into cable issues and putting a computer in there wasn't going to work.
But, I didn't want to move the new desk out of it's perfect little place in the corner of the living room, so, I painted the old black desk white and put it in our master bedroom.   I sure hope that makes sense to someone other than me! :)

Here's the old desk after I painted it white and the beautiful mirror....
Worked out perfectly and we already had this old chippy aqua chair that we picked up at a flea market.  I just think the mirror is so beautiful.  I love the little flowers etched into the glass around the edge.  I tied a piece of rope to the back of the mirror to the wire that was already there and then attached an oil rubbed bronze hook that I picked up at Lowe's for a couple of bucks and voila, a pretty piece of wall art!
It amazes me how well my hubby knows me and what I will love when he's out pickin'.  He brings home the best things and the excitement he has when he's unloading his truck just makes me smile and warms my heart.  Love this man so much......
*sigh*   Anyway...... :)
Love this room!
The other side of the room is where I'm putting the table I worked on last weekend.  We are currently looking for some fun things to put on it other than my sewing machine.   Several months ago, hubby came home with TWO of these.

At the time, I didn't know where I would put them and we are short on storage space, so he sold them!  Sure wish I had one of them now!  Oh well..... :)

Have a great weekend!

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