Cars Parked Inside Homes

Jon Ryder, a gentleman from Sheffield, is very proud of his yellow Ferrari Spider. So proud, in fact, he decided to convert the garage he kept it in, into a comfortable living room, complete with a television set, furniture, and tiled floors.

Okay, here is something quirky – cars parked inside homes. And no, we don’t mean the garage. To some it may seem ridiculous or even a bit snobbish. To others who cannot bare to have their beautiful ride out of their sight, their cars serve as the best accessory, adding to the decor of the house either by serving up a punch of color, elevating the level of modernity and luxury, or enhancing the specific style of the very surrounding rooms.

It is not just Ferrari owners. We featured the Takuya Tsuchida modern, Tokyo home on Home-Designing last year, but thought it fit to revisit for this post because of its state of the art garage, complete with an elevator that allows the tenant to showcase his car collection in his own living room…
 and retract it back into the basement once he gets tired of looking at their glistening bumpers.

 Using polished, concrete, glass, and hologan lighting, Schubert created a minimalistic garage which cast spotlight on what should be the center of the garage — the car, and which also won him Maserati and Architectural Digest’s Design Driven contest for best garage for 2011.

 This silver BMW is as sleek as the stylish bachelor pad it is parked in. (Design by Addoy) The only features that define the garage space from the mostly open layout, are the wooden bars that serve as a partial “gate” and the long bench separating the car from the living area.

 Sometimes people may not just want to ‘park’ cars inside homes. For a more decorous use, they might choose to hang it up as a showpiece. Just like what Mr. Gil Dezer did with his 1950 Porsche Spyder 550.

While not quite as ostentatious as Dezer’s design idea, the quaint and quirky feel of this kitchen is emphasized by the small, bright yellow Mini-coop, spliced in half, and installed above the kitchen counter

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