A Whole New Dimension To The Narrow, Cramped Kitchen of a Row House.

Countertops and cabinetry give this traditional kitchen a fresh, contemporary flair.

The space, which measured eight feet at its widest by 24 feet in length, presented layout challenges as well; Madalon eventually turned to Jennifer Gilmer to solve her kitchen design dilemmas.
A long, narrow row house kitchen is now an airy, functional space.

Gilmer’s first goal was to de-emphasize the kitchen’s long, narrow dimensions. To do this, she interspersed the mostly light-stained cabinetry with dark-stained cabinets because, as she explains it, “a variety of colors breaks up the length visually.” The upper cabinets are all light, while a tall black hutch defines the room at one end. At the other end, glass doors open the space to the rest of the house. 
An assortment of cupboards, drawers and shelves adds interest to the wall of cabinetry.

Gilmer implemented some structural changes to the room that also made it look bigger. The existing kitchen window was enlarged and a pass-through to the dining room was created that offers what she terms “a visual perspective to the back of the house.” Throughout the space, Gilmer chose traditional cabinetry, appliances and finishes—yet juxtaposed them in a way that feels fresh and modern.
The architectural, taffy-colored hood above the stove creates a focal point.

The black hutch at one end of the kitchen displays dishware in style.

Despite a challengingly narrow expanse, Gilmer was able to find space for seating.


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