Linen Tablecloths

Hello there!  It's Friday!  I ordered some beautiful linen fabric to make a tablecloth for my dining room table at a fantastic price and can't wait for it to arrive.  You can see the fabric I ordered here.  I love the look and feel of linen, it's feminine and flowy and dresses a table sumptuously.  It's also expensive, unless you can find a good deal and don't need a ton.  Since I only needed three yards, this was a great price.

I love these inspiration pics as I'm still not certain what kind of tablecloth I will sew.  Something like this one below is gorgeous.  I love the trim added to the end. 
Or this, it isn't linen, it's burlap, but I LOVE the number feature on the end, even though it was probably added to designate the table.  
And, oh my word, this one is wonderful.  Though, I don't think I could sew something like that, it sure is lovely.
So, I have a couple questions I'm curious about.  Do you use a tablecloth?  Do you keep it on your table at all times or do you only dress your table when you will be using it?  I'm kinda partial to keeping linens on the table so that I can enjoy and admire them all the time, but, I'm not a fan of keeping place settings on the table, as well, to get dusty, even though I think it looks beautiful, it isn't practical in our house.  How bout you?

Have a great weekend friends!

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