last of the summer craft classes...

wednesday august 11 6-8pm. paper chandeliers. $50
Taught by paper nerds! These colorful examples of Polish folk art, known as pajaki, have been popping up on many design blogs. The polish art center website has this to say about these beautiful works of art, “located 90 kilometers from warsaw the town of lowicz and surrounding villages comprise the center of what many consider to be poland’s most colorful folk region. A typical village house from this area was full of colored flower paintings, fancy paper cut-outs and mobiles made of straw and colored paper. The mobiles or pajaki are delicate creations hand made by the women and girls of the villages as decorations for their homes. The finest examples of this folk art from the 19th and 20th centuries can be found in the local museum located in the town square. As poland continues on the path to modernize the country the number of folk artists grows smaller. Our selection represents the finest examples of the older generation still practicing their craft.”

thursday august 12 6-8pm. screenprinting. $60
Taught by paper nerds! DIY screen printing is super easy and fun. It is a good project that can be easily replicated at home with pals or in a classroom with kiddos. You will learn to make a screen with household items and have the opportunity to print on paper and fabric. We will provide blank postcards, paper, board and cloth. You can bring your own print surfaces as well (undies, socks, bibs, notebooks, stationary...). be your own PRINT FACTORY. You may also bring a photocopy, drawing, print, or text that will be traced onto a screen. (6-10" circular diameter) NOTE: super thin lines lines might be a bit difficult to work with. For those of you that would rather just wing it on the day of class, we have design inspiration at the studio for you to explore.

wednesday august 25 6-8pm. leather fannypacks. $60
Taught by artist, Lizzy Wetzel. Fanny pack//buffalo bag//hipster hip pouch/// whatever you want to call it....tote your gear on your belt...lighten your shoulder burden and let that booty do something besides look good. Learn some leather-craft, just like at summer camp, but without the mosquitoes.

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