DIY screenprints

Taught by paper nerds! DIY screen printing is super easy and fun. It is a good project that can be easily replicated at home with pals or in a classroom with kiddos. You will learn to make a screen with household items and have the opportunity to print on paper and fabric. We will provide blank postcards, paper, board and cloth. You can bring your own print surfaces as well (undies, socks, bibs, notebooks, stationary...). be your own PRINT FACTORY. You may also bring a photocopy, drawing, print, or text that will be traced onto a screen. (6-10" circular diameter) NOTE: super thin lines lines might be a bit difficult to work with. For those of you that would rather just wing it on the day of class, we have design inspiration at the studio for you to explore.


thursday july 21 6-8pm. screenprinting. $60
thursday august 12 6-8pm. screenprinting. $60

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