marilyn jolly: spring

join bows and arrows on saturday april 24th from 6 to 9 pm for the opening reception of spring by painter marilyn jolly!

read marilyn's statement below...

I have been inspired by the natural world for many years in the images I have made. My work represents an effort to express visually this meditation on nature. This meditation also includes a practice of “watching” my mind in the process of making the work. Although I borrow inspiration from the natural world , I am not interested in representing it realistically. However, certain aspects of nature inform my choices of the formal elements, the forms and colors that inspire my work. I respond to repetition of patterns, color combinations, surfaces and linear elements that I see in nature combined with a sense of repetition of time and seasons.

I am increasingly interested in "honesty" of materials - that they be just what they are and yet have the power to evoke other things at the same time and the history of the creation of a thing being evident in the work. I am interested in paring down not only my materials, but having a kind of economy of image. I want to be able to find the heart of the thing and describe it in simple, yet evocative ways. I want to find myself in the give and take of building and editing an object that responds to my ritual of creative thought.

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