(SOUTH) south

come see what adam and i have been up to...other than moving across country, making babies, and opening shop!

(SOUTH) south
opening reception: saturday february 20, 2010, 6 to 9pm.

(SOUTH) south is the visual expression of Adam and Alicia Rico’s southern upbringings. Though different, both in gender and geography, the two “souths” are brought together to form a cohesive vision of a unique southern culture an “addallac supreme, Dallas.” Drawing on her Texas upbringing and culling from folk arts and crafts, Alicia’s (SOUTH) is feminine and energetic; recalling homecomings, debutant balls, beauty pageants, and the 1990s in loud, flashy, vibrant bursts of yarn, ribbon and lace. Among comfortable and familiar cultural elements, Alicia includes disparate moments - whether in material or form - that beg a second look. Adam's south is the masculine counterpoint to Alicia's feminine. Raised in Georgia, Adam draws on the troubled history of the South within the traditional gentlemanly practice of portraiture. Like the monumental relief of three confederates, permanently carved into Georgia’s landscape at Stone Mountain, Adam’s portrait studies of confederate generals remain etched in the viewer’s mind through the inclusion of disparate colors and stylized lines within a familiar representational mode. Alicia’s feminine, energetic, and cheerful (SOUTH) appears to be separated geographically and chronologically from Adam’s masculine, traditional, and troubled south. However, the two artists come together in cooperative work which eliminates all seemingly incongruous elements to form an exciting new South that embraces the multivalences of southern experience both past and present.                                   
- Ashley Laverock, M.A. Art History

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