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Its a perfect day for blogging. 
I'm home today, waiting for my new refrigerator to be installed and more than a little excited. It has been 3 weeks, 4 repairmen and endless hours waiting in the '4 hour window' periods.  Finally it is here.  New, shiny, stainless steel, uncomplicated.  Funny how a little thing like having no refrigeration can throw you off your schedule. 

I can't believe my mother (now 93) lived her early marriage years without refrigeration.   There was a cow for daily milk.... and a lot of canning, pickling, storing of vegetables in the root cellar and an occasional wild pheasant in the backyard that, with one shot from a .22 made it to the dinner table....  (true story - I have an amazing mother).  That was long before I came along. 
I am completely spoiled. 
I live in a time and place where I have no need to pluck chickens, milk cows, dig potatoes (unless I want to), gather eggs or sew clothing for 9 children.  I can spend my days pouring over silks and chenilles, paint colors, lighting fixtures, and worrying over fireplace facades
and how deep the crown molding should be.

I lived an entirely different childhood - full of foreign travel and culture.

I can't even imagine that!

For that I am very grateful.

So, while I wait for the fridge to reach its optimal temperature -

and more specifically,

Wood cabinetry has withstood the test of time.  While cabinet styles may change, and wood tones vary in popularity, one thing that has remained constant is our love of  rich warm lustrous wood cabinets.  We clamored for oak grains in the 80's and pickled finishes in the 90's, but if you are still living with a dated kitchen you have a wide range of alternatives for change.

Whether on your own or professionally - choosing a more current stain finish and new hardware will give your kitchen a new look .

New drawers and cabinet doors in the grain, color and style of your choice will give you a new kitchen for a budget price. 

New cabinets, custom or manufactured,  in the same configuration of your current cabinets.  New insides, new hinges, new hardware, higher quality. New look!

Custom cabinetry should be designed to make the most of your storage space and often changes the configuration of your kitchen. This is the most expensive option, and may involve moving plumbing and electrical and installing new flooring to achieve the kitchen of your dreams. 

New cabinets have their advantages. You can select options such as: 
slide out shelves
pull out drawers
self closing drawers
lazy susans
spice pull outs
panels for appliances
and more.....

Now look at some of the options:
Light and Medium-toned Woods

Raised panel, contemporary styling

Recessed panel, antique glaze
More antique glaze to bring out the details
Simple panel doors with country styling

Traditional molding and hardware - dentil molding

Traditional/old world detailing

Clean lined contemporary style

Old world styling - appliances hidden by panels
Darker wood tones
Contemporary styling

Contemporary styling
(Candice Olson design)
Old World styling

Modern Euro styling

(Candice Olson design)

More unusual colors
Grey toned stains

Other things to consider when choosing cabinetry
depth & quality of stain
antiquing and detail glazes
custom colors

This solid wood door is finished with a darker glaze that brings the detailing to life.

There is something so fresh looking about a beautiful classic white kitchen.  A popular choice for new kitchens, paint is also one of the quickest ways to get a new look for your kitchen in need of an update.

Take a look at this kitchen before we painted and added millwork for a custom look.
Typical 80's oak cabinetry - plain with no hardware
Look familiar?
What a difference a coat of paint can make.
I recommend Dunn Edwards Perma Sheen.  (Prevents the 'stickies') 
I also prefer a creamy color to a stark white - too sterile.   
I hand applied Bri-Wax to bring out the details and buffed it to a hard wax finish.
The hardware was the finishing touch (like jewelry for your kitchen).

Here are some more examples of white kitchens:
Christopher Peacock design



Dramatic Black
And many more.... but that's for another day
Did you notice that so many of the painted cabinets are combined with wood toned? 
I'm very curious to hear if you prefer wood tones or painted cabinets...or a combination
so please leave me a comment to let me know.

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