The bridal gown started the whole creative process

the elegance of the gown, with that little pearl and rhinestone brooch
the photo she sent me of the cake topper she wanted.....

In fact, my most creative moment in this whole wedding reception procedure, was figuring out how to make the cake topper.  The bride had seen some at wedding shows with enormous price tags. The one she loved was a rhinestone monogram.  It was going to be the crowning touch to the cake, one of the night's focal points.  There would be photos taken - photos that would be keepsakes for the bride and groom.  It needed to be fabulous.

My first attempt was 'okay'.  I used stiff wire, attached rhinestones and created  a 'K'.  It was pretty, but it wasn't fabulous.  It needed more bling.  I found a strand of tiny rhinestones and tried again, this time winding the rhinestones in and out of the larger strand of rhinestones.  I used very thin silver wire to keep them all in place, and finished the back with silver foil tape.  I extended the wire below the 'K' so I could insert it into the cake.  It looked beautiful and made me very happy.  It had an 'antique' feel to it and was just as beautiful as any of the toppers with the enormous price tags.

My original concept was to have the topper come out of a hand tied bouquet at the top of the cake.

The fresh flowers and the sparkling K combined with gorgeous pearl studded ivory ribbon made a beautiful topping for the cake.

Sweetheart roses, mini callas and ranunculus made a beautiful background for the topper.
The cake was to have a ribbon band around each layer embellished with tiny rhinestones.  When the cake arrived, they had neglected to add the ribbon.  But we managed without it.

I love the way the ribbon drapes from the topper.

The pearl studded ribbon was a wonderful find.  I used it here, on the bride's bouquet and on the entry floral wreath.  Even without the ribbon around the layers, it turned out simply elegant.

In keeping with our theme of crystals and pearls, we added a crystal garland around the base of the cake. 

More later.... still waiting for the GOOD photos!


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