all in all

these are old finds, there is a red and purple scarf, a volunteer's medal, an old old bible from Ft. Worth with a marriage certificate in it from 1911, a pirate's box and a pair of German made scissors that i bought for alicia in Greenport, NY.

a good ol' sewin table

a few projects were under way today at the shop. This is a shelf that alicia and I came up with. the carpenter did a great job bringing it to life and now all we have to do is butter it up, real good!

and the back of it. it stands 6 feet tall

the walls in the space are in pretty rough shape. i've been peeling paint for days.

the current state of the bathroom...

the walls have turned into a collage of history. the blue print for the shelving is posted under the electrical tubing. so not a bad third day! i have a huge splinter that is lodged close to my aorta i'm pretty sure... BUT! but, i did find a great pizza place across the street, the pizza sits a few centimeters from my aorta too!

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