Pat was definitely ready for a new look.
 Her peach walls, peach wing chairs and white floral sofa were beautiful in the 80's - but it wasn't the 80's anymore. Heavy lace curtains, off-white carpeting and brass accessories had to go, but we loved the new crown molding, plastered ceiling and mullioned windows.

The only furniture Pat wished to keep in this room was the family piano. I wanted to see more light in the room as well. She had a definite idea about color - more peaches and cream - but I decided NOT to take her at her word and we took a little trip to the fabric showroom.
I asked her to forget about the living room and just show me the fabrics she was drawn to.
The dining room was included in this redecorating project, as it is an open continuation of the living room. In this room, Pat decided she still loved her dining set and would keep it.

Our trip to the fabric store surprised Pat.
She found that she was 'drawn' to deep reds, chocolate browns and golds.
A far cry from peaches and cream.
Having found her color palette, went to work.
[Living Room Before]
I've decided Pat leads a charmed life, and I must take her with me whenever I shop.
Nearly every place we went - for furniture, fabric, lighting or accessories - we found a sale.
[Living Room After]
We first addressed the flooring and installed 20" travertine tile for the 'old world look' Pat loved. Next, we painted the walls a warm neutral gold. We added bronze colored sconces to both sides of the room, bringing in more light. I brought in the warm chocolate color that Pat was drawn to in the deep wood tones of the curio and accent tables.

[Living Room After]
Notice the bronze mirror, and the wrought iron detail on the curio.
We softened the effect of the stone flooring with warm and beautiful area rugs.
We found sofas in gold and deep red chenille and accent chairs in a deep gold.
We added extra pillows, bringing in the deep red accent she loved.
I customized the lampshades on the sconces, covering them in a golden silk,
and also on the candlestick lamps in a red silk with detailed trim.

The photo doesn't show it, but we also added sconces to frame the area around the piano and a deep red Bergere style chair. The result was a warm and inviting room - with absolutely no trace of the 80's left.

[Dining Room Before]
Pat still loved her dining room set, but it needed a little updating. We removed the cane from the backs of the dining room chairs and upholstered that area and the seats in a deep red patterned chenille. The dated chandelier was replaced by a beautiful wrought iron and scavo glass fixture. Sconces were added on either side of the china hutch. We continued the same flooring here as the living room, but used a slightly deeper paint color for the walls.
We replaced the brass frames on some of the artwork and created a feature wall.
[Dining Room After]
I made dupioni silk drapes which we hung on shortened dark wood rods.
We added an area rug and a few new accessories
[Dining Room After]

[Dining Room After]
Pat's beautiful Living and Dining Room.
I would love to hear your comments. Please take a minute and let me know what you think...

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