FALL DECOR: Fabulous Fall

I love the beginning of Fall.
The days are still warm, but the evenings have a little nip in the air
and as the nights get cooler the colors of fall heat up, bringing reds, magentas, golds,
browns and oranges into play.
Fall is excitement!
It is the color of fire, of warmth, of spices.
What a wonderful opportunity to infuse our 'nests' with the glow of seasonal color.

No matter what colors you have used to decorate your home,
there are fall colors that will coordinate or compliment your color scheme.
Blues become bluer and more beautiful with oranges.
Greens come alive with the compliment of red, burgundy and terracotta.
Purple loves gold.
You can find a brown to compliment almost any color,
but brown especially makes blues, teal or pink more appealing.

Here's a time saving trick:
Put your seasonal green garland on your banister and mantel now (use artificial garland) -
tuck in autumn leaves, berries, pumpkins, sunflowers or fall picks with acorns and mums.
For Halloween, add spiders, crows, skulls and black ribbon.
These elements are simple to remove after the Fall celebrations and replace with
Christmas picks and ribbon.
You'll have a head start in the seasonal decorating game! You can add Fall color to your decor in the form of toss pillows, place mats, tea towels, and florals - and don't forget the pumpkins! Bring those amazing colors into view on the outside too. Color pots of mums and daisies in vibrant colors and a wreath on the front door with autumn leaves will practically shout 'welcome'. Greet trick or treat patrons with a wreath of black feathers, or skulls and black roses. Autumn is full of nostalgic childhood memories: pumpkin pie baking in the oven, the crackling sound of shuffling through fall leaves, and merry laughter while making popcorn balls for Halloween. Halloween night in Southern California seems to be the very first time you feel that promise of a nip in the air. We look forward to that nip - its as close to a seasonal change as we get here. Or maybe its just the first night we are out long enough to notice. I think I'm enjoying Halloween even more as an adult. It is definitely the only time of year that I actually invite spiders into my house and create cobwebs instead of sweeping them away. I'm planning a very spidery entry this year - so I'd better get busy. Halloween is just around the corner!

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